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All Star Competitions, All Star Prep, Non-compete teams.  Rogue Athletics has you covered.

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Rogue Athletics offers recreational girls gymnastics and recreational boys gymnastics, 5 and up.  

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Ninja Zone!

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Ninja Zone is a global movement that involves Urban Gymnastics, Movement, Training, Discipline and Confidence.

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Rogue Gymnastics Dallas Tx


Classes resume Monday, May 18th.

We are excited to resume classes at Rogue but in doing so we are implementing new procedures to ensure the safety and health of the Rogue community.

*Curbside Drop Off and Pick Up, parents remain in the car.

*Dance Dropp Off and Pick Up curbside on McEwen Rd. at the designated spot marked by two orange cones and signs.

*Tumble / Gymnastics / Cheer / Ninja Drop Off and Pick Up is at the door and staircase at the back of the parking lot maked by orange cones and signs.

*Classes now end at :45 of the hour. This allows time inbetween each class for the staff to clean and disinfect the entire facility.

*Athlete’s should bring a filled water bottle. (Vending machines have been removed and water fountains are unavailable.)

MAKE UP CLASS REMINDER: Those who stayed enrolled through our temperary closure have 2 months worth of make up classes they can take advantage of.

Please continue to stay updated via email, social media, and by reading our most recent posts on the right side of the page.

Be sure you call or email the front office with inquiries.

News & Updates


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Family Loyalty Credit

REMAIN ENROLLED AND EARN 10% Class and Team families remaining enrolled will be significantly rewarded: 110% Family Loyalty Credit (FLC). During our ...

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