Spring Break Update!

Dear Rogue Families,

We know this past week has been full of confusion and uncertainty for many of you, as it has been for us. We thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate our way through COVID-19. We have been meeting around the clock with internal and external resources, all in an effort to make the most sound decisions for our families, our employees, and the people of our community. We won’t deny that this has been trying on all of us; our staff members, our leadership, the community as a whole. We would be foolish to think it wasn’t just as trying for you as you try to make informed decisions for your family. We thank you for walking through this with us and for your patience through it all.

Rogue is Suspending Operations
Effective Tuesday, March 17, Rogue will suspend ALL operations. This includes all  class programs and competitive teams across all sports venues. We will resume operations as soon as possible, keeping you updated frequently. You can expect our next correspondence no later than Friday, March 20th.

The Gym
At this time, The Gym will continue to follow Dallas County Judges’s official orders of isolation requirements. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6811304-3-16-2020-Final-Amended-Order-of-County-Judge.html

Rogue Athletics is a family owned and operated business, your concerns are our concerns!

Thank you,
Rogue Athletics Owners, Managers, Coaches, and Crew

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