Family Loyalty Credit


Class and Team families remaining enrolled will be significantly rewarded:

110% Family Loyalty Credit (FLC). During our pause of operations. 110% of all tuition dollars your family pays beginning April 1 will be held as credit to your account in the form of a “Family Loyalty Credit” (FLC). Your total FLC will be divided evenly over 10 months to reduce future tuitions.

EXAMPLE: Assume, our pause of operations continues through April and May with resumption of operations of June 1.

  • If your family’s tuition is $100/month your two months total is $200.
  • Add in an additional 10% ($20) bring your total FLC to $220.
  • The full $220 will be used evenly over the next 10 months once we resume operations.

One more thing: if the resumption of operations is anything other than the first of a month, all numbers will be pro-rated to that date.

Extra Thank You: You will also receive one FREE OPEN GYM Pass per enrolled child per month of paused operations.

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