Patrick Nabonne

Parkour/Ninja Zone Coach

Whoa! Do that crazy flip again! If you haven’t heard someone say that to me then you probably haven’t seen me do my crazy parkour outside! My name is Patrick and I work at Rogue Athletics as a Ninja Zone Instructor. I have been teaching Parkour and training myself for about 8 years now. It is my passion and I am true believer in the art of movement! I love training outside and getting all the fascinated and funny looks from people! I love teaching here at Rogue and helping the kids to learn to move! Well that about sums me up! HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!! *

*Disclaimer* Inside Rogue Athletics, we teach Ninja Zone following Ninja Lesson Plans. The Term “Parkour” is a variation of Ninja Zone and is not directly connected to Rogue Athletics.

  • Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
  • Favorite Movie or TV Show: Transformers
  • Favorite Hobby: Pokemon Go!