Our Team

Coach Christina Watkins  –  Preschool and MDO Department Leader

Christina came to Rogue with an energy that can only be described as incredible.  With years of experience in gymnastics education, as well as currently obtaining her degree in early childhood development, Christina brings enthusiasm and structure to our incredible pre-school gymnastics program.  Christina is also helping establish Rogue’s Mother’s Day Out program, and makes the gym a happier place now that she is in it!  She also has some pretty incredible kids herself.

Coach Eric Cuevas  –  Men’s Team Head Coach and Department Leader

Eric Cuevas is an electrical engineering upperclassman at the University of Texas at Dallas. He competed in cheerleading and gymnastics all through high school. He was a member of the NCAA National Champion men’s gymnastics team of the University of Oklahoma in 2008. When he learned about Rogue Athletics moving into Farmers Branch, he quit his other job and started coaching Rogue’s mens team to exciting first year victories!  Eric works with all Men’s Team athletes, and oversees the boy’s program development.

Coach Caegan Arvidson  –  Recreational Class Department Leader

Coach Caegan was the first Rogue-trained employee.  He has since become one of the most sought-after coaches in the gym.  Caegan is a jack of all trades coach, that can, and does, coach everything from Pre-school to Girls Team.

Coach Morgan Hines  –  Girls Team Co-Head Coach

Coach Morgan has been in gymnastics since she could walk.  Shy, but very outgoing and knowledgeable in the sport.  She has worked at many elite level gymnastics gyms in Texas as a TOPS training coach, and is studying to be a Nurse!  Coach Morgan works with the competitive girls gymnastics team as their Co-Head coach.  She is one of the most liked coaches in the gym, and just so happens to be Coach Bob’s cousin!

Coach Robert Owens –  Cheer and Tumble Department Leader

Coach Robert is a Competitive Cheer and Tumbling coach and Department Leader.  Coach Robert has 3 NCA titles to his credit, a vast knowledge of cheer, technique, and tumbling.  Robert Coaches tumbling level 1-5 and brings his work ethic, structure, and discipline to Rogue.
Robert coaches Cheer Jumps and Technique as well as private lessons.  His famous phrase is: “Not with THAT attitude”.

Coach Eli Reid

Coach Eli comes to Rogue as a coach AND an athlete.  An NCA Champion, and a World’s Training Athlete with a fiery attitude and an eye for fashion.  Eli coaches Cheer Teams and Tumbling at Rogue and works with area High Schools on routine configurations and choreography.

Coach Darius

Coach Darius is a gym favorite.  It’s hard NOT to love Darius.  His expressive personality, and killer dance moves, light up the gym daily.  The kids love him, and have dubbed him the “Gym Mascot” because of how loyal he is and how proud we are to have him in our lives.  Darius coaches Preschool and Girls Rec, Gymnastics.

Coach Patrick Nabonne – Ninja Zone
Coach Jacob Peterson- Ninja Zone

Coach Devan

Coach Devan is an athlete-turned-coach-turned-still-an-athlete.  He is partially why Rogue exists to begin with.  Devan is a Level 10 Competitive Men’s Gymnast and a Rec. Class, and Competitive Boy’s Instructor.