Darius Aldridge

Preschool, Cheer Prep, Ninja Zone, Mascot!

Hello my name is Darius Aldridge, I am one of the coaches here at Rogue Athletics. I coach preschool, ninja zone (instructor), cheer prep, and help with cheer team level 1. I’m a tall guy who wants to make sure that your child has a fun learning experience here at Rogue. I’m not just a coach, I’m an actor. I do theater outside the gym since I’m studying at Brookhaven College to get an Associate in Arts and become a professional actor. I also am a hip hop dancer, so I know how to bust a move from time to time. I’m also certified by USASF. Hope to see you at Rogue someday!! GOOOO ROGUE!!!!

  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Movie: Captain America movies
  • Favorite Activity: Acting